We offer whole house audio systems that allow you to control multi room audio from our user interface systems from just about anywhere in the world there is a wifi signal. We only use the highest quality home audio, marine audio and commercial audio products on the market. Whether you want a whole house audio system installed to enjoy music on the weekends in the back yard with the family or pumping the music through your office to keep your staff upbeat and motivated or  listening to your favorite song on the sand bar, we are the team for the job.


Titan Technologies specializes in all aspects Home Theater and video equipment. From simple TV wall hangs to full home theater systems with surround sound and projectors. We can program your system to handle everything from lighting control, media players such as Kodi, as well as surround sound systems, temperature control as well as electric blinds and curtains.


Lighting makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Titan Technologies makes it easy for you to have full lighting control and design in your home. We are expert in: outdoor lighting, bathroom lighting, landscape lighting, kitchen lighting, recessed lighting, interior lighting, exterior lighting, commercial lighting and even marine lighting. Our home automation systems replace your existing light switches and in some cases your lighting fixtures.


That old thermostat and temperature sensor could be wasting a lot of energy and costing you a lot of money without you even knowing it. Our control system allows you to enjoy a programmable thermostat through the temperature controller feature in our app. Whether you want to set the digital temperature controller to adjust at a certain time when your gone to conserve energy or set your home to the perfect temperature for when you arrive, the flexibility in our system enables you to have full temperature control of your space.


Using the Titan Technologies Home Automation System App, you can easily monitor your surveillance cameras that are placed on the interior or exterior of your smart home or smart business. You can access remotely to view live security camera footage straight from your mobile device, keypad or controller, whether you are downstairs or downtown you will always be in the know. Our goal is to keep you, your family and your employees as safe and secure as possible.


The controller is the brain of your smart home. It manages your smart home automation system, integrated applications and devices. From whole house audio and temperature settings, to lighting control and video surveillance. It must be intuitive and easy to use, which is why we have teamed up with Control4. In our opinion the best and fastest growing smart home automation systems on the market.

Door Locks

Titan Technologies offers automated systems that will control your smart locks in your home and business. Door security goes way beyond door hardware such as door handles and door locks. Being able to lock and unlock your doors from just about anywhere is extremely convenient when you need to give someone immediate access to a property.


With the most elegant and effortless smart home security solution on the market, you can arm or disarm the security system, send or receive emergency assistance, directly from your mobile device. It will allow you manage automated locks, your home security system and home surveillance system from the palm of your hand, from just about anywhere on the planet.