Marine Automation Systems


From land to sea, Titan Technologies has done it all. From controlling the multi room audio system on board, to the home theater, temperature control throughout the vessel, adjusting the lighting or even releasing the anchor.


Whether your vessel is 50ft or 250ft we have the expertise to turn your vessel, into a smart vessel. With our Marine Automated Control Systems you and your crew are able to spend more time enjoying the journey while saving time and money.

Superior Lighting Systems

Our fully automated systems give you control over your lighting system through out the entire vessel. You can dim the cabin interior and turn on the spa lights with just the click of a button from your waterproof remote. We bring the luxury of home automation into the marine industry allowing you to control just about any feature on your vessel from the palm of your hand.

Create a New Atmosphere

Our marine automation specialists can outfit your vessel with interior and exterior whole house audio systems built for marine usage, outdoor marine grade televisions, security systems, surveillance and much more. Call today to have one of our home automation specialists help you build a home automation system that fit your needs.

The exclusive Yacht Master Control interface allows our system to manage a vessel’s on-board Marine Air or Cruisair climate controls. With our Marine Automation Solutions, owners can also adjust lighting, view security cameras, access navigation equipment, make service requests for staff and control marine audio and video equipment on-board.


With intuitive, easy-to-use controls, Titan Technologies Marine Automated Systems really put you in the captains chair from just about where on your vessel.

We can customize our automated systems and add just about any feature you desire on your boat or yacht, controlling it all from your keypad, touchscreen, smartphone, tablet or waterproof remote control. You can Dim the interior and exterior lighting, request a weather report, draw the shades and even adjust the temperature settings in the spa.


Optimize the comfort and convenience of your on-board experience with smart home technology.

Our systems are robust yet easy to use which allows everyone from the crew to the grand children to have an even better time while at sea. Call us TODAY to schedule a demonstration and let us turn your boat into a smart boat!